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Penelope Ling BS(hons) HPD, SFBT(hyp), CBT(hyp) CNHC, AfSFH SFBTSUP(SUP)


I am a qualified Solution-Focused Hypnotherapist registered with the Complementary Natural Healthcare Council. I qualified in 2007 specialising in anxiety-related issues. I trained with The Clifton Practice in Bristol and have run a successful practice in Oxford, Abingdon and Bampton since 2012.

Approach & Specialist Areas

As a Solution-Focused Hypnotherapist, I don’t delve into the past. We see the person having a set of resources and help them to move towards their goal. Along the way, I may introduce other areas of therapy such as Mindfulness, NLP or CBT. My work covers a broad spectrum, from Phobias where we help people to scramble the initial response to the feared object, through to Sports Hypnosis using visualisation to achieve higher goals. 

I work with clients as young as 9 to overcome fears and phobias, up to 99. Confidence building, helping overcome physical problems such as Irritable Bowel Syndrome, anxiety after an illness or operation, pain management after accidents, or for childbirth. I see positivity and laughter an integral part of the healing process. Hypnosis is ideal for helping stop habits such as Smoking, and to change our response to emotional eating so we gain better control over diet and weight.

I am a trained Supervisor and trainer and offer one to one or group supervision with Hypnotherapists from all over the country, and occasional CPD on a variety of subjects.

Training & Qualifications

BA(hons) Oxford Brookes – including Psychology
HPD Hypnotherapy Practitioners Diploma
SFBT (Hyp)
CBT (Hyp)
SFBTSUP – for supervision with NCH & AfSFH
Integrated Medicine – College of Medicine

CPDs include: Working with children, Hypnotherapy for childbirth, Science behind Hypnosis, Mindfulness, Pain Management, Nutrition therapy, DBT, EMDR, BWRT, Training, Coaching & Mentoring.

Please feel free to contact me on 07508 658934 or by email at

For Further information and the wide variety of issues which hypnotherapy can help please visit:

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