Hypnotherapy is the name given to a branch of therapy which utilises a person’s ability to go into a trance state. Brain waves change during this process, so we become more focused, relaxed and able to make decisions easier. Being able to utilize how the brain switches mode, hypnotherapy can then suggest to the person in trance to change the way they feel or think about themselves, or a situation, a problem, or an object.

Therapist: Penny Ling


  • I offer a 20 minute FREE telephone consultation. Please arrange for the best time for this where there will be no distractions. At this consultation we go over the problem and what your goal for therapy is.

  • £70  – includes history gathering, explanation of the brain and hypnotherapy and what your goals for therapy are.

  • 6 session package – Consultation plus 6 sessions paid upfront  – £460 (6 x £65 + £70)*

  • Stop Smoking –  one 2 hour session @ £180 or 2 one hour sessions @ £90

  • *If any additional sessions are needed they will be charged at ad-hoc prices. If sessions are missed they are counted as sessions, but if the goal is met before the end of the 6, the difference is refunded.

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