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Selina Hatherley RSHom

Registered Homeopath


People often ask what ailments homeopathy can help with – the answer is everything, because whatever your symptoms, homeopathy gently stimulates the body’s own healing process.

Homeopathic remedies can be taken safely alongside conventional medicine, they are safe, non-addictive, and have no side effects – perfect for everyone of every age.


I have been in practice for nearly twenty years, and have seen more and more people with digestive problems - bloating, discomfort, IBS and food intolerance. In 2011 I trained as a Vega practitioner, enabling me to use the Vega machine to help detect food sensitivity and allergens. 

This simple test helps identify which substances are causing problems. 
Vega testing can also test for sensitivity to substances such as pollens and chemicals.


More information about Homeopathy and Vega testing can be found on my website or call me for an informal chat on 07743 495491

I am a registered member of the Society of Homeopaths, one of the largest organisations registering professional homeopaths in Europe.
I abide by their Code of Ethics and Practice, and am fully insured.

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