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Richard Pyke

I embarked on my therapeutic journey at the tender age of 18 when I joined a young person’s counselling and advice centre in Reading as a dedicated volunteer. I volunteered for Oxford Polytechnic's Student Nightline service and eventually became director.

Driven by a desire to deepen my knowledge and enhance my skills, I pursued a Combined Certificate in Counselling Skills and Theory (CSCT). I also began volunteering at my local Samaritans branch. This experience helped me understand others better and be more empathetic.

A genuine desire to help fuelled my work as a counsellor and mentor, and I strive to maintain a compassionate and empathetic approach in all that I do. I am constantly inspired by the positive impact Human Givens Therapy can have on the lives of others!

You are very welcome to come to this amazing safe space, where you’ll be able to share anything with me in total confidence. I know and appreciate that many people, men in particular, are suffering in their daily lives because they just don’t feel that they can talk about themselves, how they feel, or what they are going through.

You might not know or believe it, but you are the expert on you and your brain! What I do is to point you towards the tools and techniques that you can use to heal, and to bring things to your attention that could be of great use now and in future. There might be a pattern that you always fall into in a certain situation, or a certain way in which you always respond – neither of which are doing you any good. Don’t despair – we can change that together! 

Currently (August 2023), I have the status of a student and am seeing clients with mild anxiety and depression. I cannot charge during this transition between Stage II and Stage III, so I am asking for donations towards room rental and mileage.

I am available at the Kingsmoor clinic from July 20th onwards. If you would like to book a consultation with Richard, please call or text 07447 809153 or email

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