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Food Intolerance Testing


As a homeopath in practise, I have been seeing more and more people with digestive problems. 
Many of these problems are stress related, but some are caused by food intolerance.

This simple, non invasive test can help identify which substances are causing the intolerance and problems such as abdominal pain, bloating, constipation,  diarrhoea,  nausea,  IBS. 
We can also test for sensitivity to substances such as pollens, moulds and chemicals.


Therapist: Selina Hatherley

Cost: First appointment - 1 hour - fees include remedies prescribed during consultation.

Adults £80.00
Children (under 14) - £60.00

Follow up appointment - fees include remedies prescribed during consultation

Adults £50.00
Children (under 14) - £40.00

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