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Treatment options:

15 minutes - £15.00

30 minutes - £25.00

45 minutes - £33.00

60 minutes - £40.00


We are delighted to have a Cyclo-ssage massage system at Kingsmoor Clinic. This wonderfully comfortable device allows you to experience a massage with no-one else in the room! Perfect if you are concerned about being in close proximity due to Covid.

Cyclo-ssage offers a combination of cycloidal massage and infra-red heat to help relieve symptoms of many health conditions. It is an approved medical device that can ease aching muscles, reduce tension, relieve pain and improve relaxation.

There are numerous programmes suitable for your individual requirements and your treatment can be 15, 30, 45 or 60 minutes long.

To make an appointment for a Cyclo-ssage treatment, please contact reception via

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