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Working with Symbols, Spirit and Art Workshop


On this 1 day workshop you will learn different ways to understand and interpret the symbols you see, the feelings you have, and understand the messages that Spirit are sending to you for your development of working with spirit to communicate within messages.

These signs and symbols can also be relevant within your day-to-day living to receive help and guidance from your loved ones in spirit and the angelic realms.

Whether you are a beginner or have been doing this a while, this workshop will be insightful and help you to learn how to connect to your natural intuition even more.

Within this workshop you will learn for spiritual development:

  • Linking with spirit through meditation

  • How to access your intuition and trust what you are feeling

  • Symbols and Signs meanings (this will be explored in-depth)

  • Learn how to interpret  these Symbols and Signs within a reading (step by step)

  • We will explore images of  Symbols with Spirit Art and putting these images together with coloured pencils to form an auragraph using intuition and/or mediumship

  • Reading for each other as you work in pairs


An Auragraph is an alternative and creative way of presenting a psychic and/or a Mediumship reading. Mediumship is communication with a deceased loved one, and Psychic reading is from the sitter or recipients aura. Loved ones that have passed will communicate symbols that are placed within the auragraph.


This is a very hands on and fun workshop learning with like-minded souls. You do not have to be an artist as the workshop is about “what you draw” and not “how you draw” with your own interpretation.


You will also receive a hand painted journal (with blank pages for you to enter your own signs and symbols interpretations) which will be given at the end of the workshop along with a certificate of attendance to add to your portfolio of your spiritual development.

A follow on course will also be available at a later date to be arranged.

Date: Saturday 8th February

Time: 10am – 4pm

Cost: £65

(payment includes a non-refundable deposit of £25) via Bacs

Tea, coffee and biscuits provided. Please bring a notebook and packed lunch.

There are free parking spaces.


Contact details are: Susie 07736 953161 or via email for more information or to book your place. 

Susie Spiritually Inspired


Confirmation of your place on the course will be made via email once your booking and payment/deposit has been received, full payment to be received before the start of the course.