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Susie Rose


Susie has been in the education and health industry for over 30 years.  She is an experienced and fully certified Reiki Master/Teacher and is trained in a range of holistic and mind body techniques designed to help you relax, release old pattern, improve your emotional and physical health and transform your life.

She specialises in helping busy women who are struggling to cope with emotional, physical or mental symptoms. Working intuitively and empathically, allowing clients to feel safe and supported while guiding and connecting them with the tools to leave their innermost doubts and fears in the past and use them as stepping stones to a life of calm, confidence, and wellbeing.


Susie’s approach to Energy Healing and Wellness originates from her own personal journey of transformation and expansion. Because every person has their own story, sessions are personalised. Drawing intuitively on reiki, energy healing, coaching or a blend of holistic techniques, we work together to help you turn your life around.

Healing sessions provide deep, fast and lasting change.

Contact Susie:

07980 934352