Seated Therapeutic Massage

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Simply put, this is a cream/oil based back massage applied to the client whilst they are sitting on a massage chair.


It allows you to incorporate and adapt table massage type techniques and can be used both in the corporate and private aspect of your business.


During this one day course we teach you how to safely provide an effective massage for both the client and you, the practitioner. Specifically we look at;

  • room logistics

  • client management

  • techniques

  • practitioner posture

  • specific cautions and contra indications


Prerequisites (min): A&P, Body Massage (L3), 

Location: Kingsmoor Clinic, Oxfordshire

Course date: Course Calendar

Duration: 7 hours

Investment: £115 non OSMA members, £95 OSMA members

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​If you have any questions please email: or call Pauline on 07930 266427