Seated Acupressure Refresher

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Notice: As we remain in lockdown #3 the challenges to all are more evident. New variants of Covid-19 are appearing  and the pressures increase on healthcare systems worldwide. Here in the UK the NHS is barely coping with the influx of patients. Sadly, there are those people who choose to ignore the Government guidelines and put all of us at risk.
Courses here at AOSM require vital hands-on practical tutoring and so our courses remain suspended until such time that it is safe to return. In light of the current situation the March courses will not take place and we apologise for any inconvenience. Stay safe and well.   AOSM

Sometimes life has a habit of disrupting your well laid plans, as Covid-19 has shown!


Over time you may have trained in a number of complementary therapies with the intention of taking the world by storm. However, even before the pandemic struck, your plan was either delayed or simply put on hold as there never seemed to be quite enough time to work out the best way forward for you and your business.


Lockdown due to Covid-19 has given us all the opportunity to take a step back and evaluate what’s important but also, how to progress with your business.


You know you want to get back into the corporate market offering Seated Acupressure but things have changed and it has been many months since you were able to practice in this environment.


What precautions are now needed to ensure your massage is safe for both you and your clients?

Are you confident and competent with the necessary adjustments to the massage?

How much do you charge?

Where do you source your clients?


So many questions to be answered. If only you could refresh and update your skills and knowledge.

Well you can!


This half day refresher workshop is designed to help you with the practical side of things such as skills, techniques and execution of the massage itself. Prior to the day, there will be an element of on line study/discussion to refresh the more administrative aspects.

Even if you didn't train with AOSM, you will still benefit from this workshop


Duration: 1 hour online study/discussion, 3 hours practical classroom work

Courses run in March and September. Details can be found on the AOSM Calendar


​ If you have any questions please email: or call Pauline on 07930 266427