Rhonda Hinson

Rhonda has gained great knowledge, skill and experience as a therapist in wellbeing and bodywork with over 25 years’ experience, in particular specialising in women’s health. Her therapies are suitable for all ages, having treated a range of symptoms from 7 to 100 years old and having had excellent results.

Having qualified in 2020 as a Clinical Hypnotherapy & Psychotherapist – Solution Focused, whilst in lockdown she found this to be helpful for those who experience negative cycles of depression and anxiety, including panic attacks. It can also help those with phobias, wanting to stop smoking and weight management. Hypnotherapy is a safe and powerful psychotherapeutic tool, it can be beneficial for people affected mentally, physically and emotionally.


Rhonda qualified as a Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapist at the Karuna Institute in 2016, where she had the good fortune to study under Franklyn Sills, a world leader in the development of the biodynamic approach. She is trained to work with the biomagnetic field – or energy fields – around each person’s body. By gently placing hands on several ‘listening’ stations on your (fully clothed) body, she listens to subtle expressions of your body, listening to your body in much the same way that a counsellor might listen to your words. Your body responds to this sensitive touch by beginning to listen to itself. A feeling that you have been heard is a common experience, with each experience and results personal to the individual.


Rhonda is an Advanced Dorn-Method Therapist with over 10 years’ experience, which is a spine re-alignment treatment and is for those suffering with back and neck or joint pain. It is a very gentle and safe, non-manipulative manual therapy, which does not involve any ‘clicking’ or ‘crunching’ of joints, which so many people fear or dislike. Rhonda has successfully treated complex and chronic symptoms of pain, from whiplash to lower back problems, including sciatica as well as ‘computer’ shoulders.


Rhonda has over 25 years’ experience with Reflexology, the application of special pressure techniques to the feet (which are a mirror image of the body), which encourages the body to work naturally to restore its own health balance. She specialises in Maternity/Fertility when couples are planning to have a baby, preparing on a physical, mental and spiritual level, with any imbalances or disorders being erased to allow for conception.


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