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Past Life Regression Therapy


Past Life Regression is a gentle form of relaxation therapy which takes clients back through time to past experiences, lives or incarnations by accessing memories that are usually hidden in the unconscious mind where they remain unresolved. In a past life regression Susie gentle and safely guides you into a relaxed and open state where it is easier to access these memories, embrace the lessons and clear them from the energy body.

During a Past Life Regression clients can;

  • Reconnect with past life experiences

  • Explore past life relationships and connect to current challenges and experiences

  • Understand how unresolved emotions, fears or beliefs present as recurring cycles

  • Identify how physical ailments have manifested from past life experiences

  • Explore connections to objects, people or places.

Benefits of Past Life Regression Therapy

  • Find solutions to current problems and situations

  • Understand and eliminate problematic relationship patterns

  • Overcome irrational fears, habits or limiting beliefs

  • Heal the emotional pain of past trauma

  • Eliminate emotional blocks.


The session includes coaching and a personalised relaxation to listen to at home which will anchor in relaxation, positive changes for the future.

Therapist: Susie Rose

Cost: 120 minutes - £150