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Psychologist Session

Psychological Therapy & Assessments

Psychological Therapy can help with a range of difficulties including anxiety disorders such as social anxiety, health anxiety, phobias, panic attacks and Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD), depressive disorders and low mood, sleep problems, stress and low self-esteem, anger management, trauma and loss. 

The impact on mental health following the Covid-19 pandemic is vast and many more people are seeking psychological help for Covid related difficulties from increased anxiety, trauma and bereavement to school refusal and exam stress. Whilst it may feel overwhelming, these are often common experiences that Clinical Psychologists are familiar with treating. 

Psychological Therapy is suitable for all ages.

Therapist: Dr Josephine McInerney

Cost: £120 - 60 minutes

Initial Assessment: £180 - 90 minutes

Initial Assessment with written report: £250 - 90 minutes

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