Meet Your Spirit Guides Workshops


On the Meet your Spirit guides workshop you will discover how to access help from your Spirit guides, Angels, and Power Animal guides. We are not meant to walk this journey of life alone, and we have so many spirit beings wanting to help us. The key is to learn how to turn inwards so that we can connect to these spirit beings and learn the ways in which they communicate with us!


On this workshop you will learn:

·        How to create a Sacred space for connecting with your guides

·        How to let your Angels come close to you so that you can feel their presence

·        The power of the drum and Shamanic journeying to meet your Power Animal guides

·        How your guides can help you heal

·        Connecting to your intuition

·        How to read the signs of your Angels communicating with you

·        The importance of meditation

·        How your guides can assist you in your day to day life

Whether you are a complete beginner, or have some experience of spirit, this workshop is a day for you to have fun with other like-minded souls and gain confidence to spend time with and hear your guides.


  • Sunday 23rd February 2020

  • Saturday 6th June 2020

·        Courses run from 10am to 5pm

·        The investment for the course is:  Early bird £65, Full price £75. 

·        Contact me on, 07964 423 851 for more information or book your place here:


Bring: A notebook and a packed lunch (though there is a shop nearby where you can purchase your lunch). Hot drinks and snacks will be provided.