Meditation Class

Meditation 1-1 or groups

Learn what meditation is and how you can incorporate it into your day to reduce stress and anxiety and create feelings of calm, focus and wellbeing.

The mind creates stressful and anxious feelings. Meditation is a relaxing process that helps you to let go of stress, stay in the present and focus your mind, meditation reduces nervous energy.


Around 90% of our problems, physical and emotional, are caused by our thoughts. Our thought patterns can become engrained in our minds.  

Often people like to be in control and keep busy so that they can’t ‘feel’ their emotions. Such as;

  • Running around being and constantly busy

  • Talking a lot but not listening

  • Listening to respond, rather than listening to understand

  • Spending time on social media, TV, video games

  • Addictive behaviour, drugs, alcohol etc


This causes a mind that is full and results in a hyper nervous system, stress, anxiety, sleep issues, physical symptoms and issues in relationships and work.

Meditation strips away distractions which can, to begin with, cause you to feel insecure or uncomfortable because you’re not used to it.

Meditation is one of the most important skills you can bring into your life. It can make changes on multiple levels. There are thousands of studies that range over many years that show consistent practice not only balances both sides of the brain, but makes a huge difference to

  • health, especially heart health

  • Sleep

  • skin

  • confidence

  • relationships

  • memory and focus

  • Decision making.


60 minutes £60 (including a take home recording)

Therapist: Susie Rose

Cost: 60 minutes - £60 (including a recording to take home)