Massage At The Desk

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Notice: As we remain in lockdown #3 the challenges to all are more evident. New variants of Covid-19 are appearing  and the pressures increase on healthcare systems worldwide. Here in the UK the NHS is barely coping with the influx of patients. Sadly, there are those people who choose to ignore the Government guidelines and put all of us at risk.
Courses here at AOSM require vital hands-on practical tutoring and so our courses remain suspended until such time that it is safe to return. In light of the current situation the March courses will not take place and we apologise for any inconvenience. Stay safe and well.   AOSM

Although there are changes which have led to more people working from home, there are still many companies who plan for their staff to return to the office, albeit with new processes and procedures.


Previous demands for larger numbers of staff to be massaged in one day were popular and they will return, though in a slightly different format.


Whereas the practitioner would have gone from desk to desk, providing short 5 or 10 minute massages per person, this is no longer possible. Instead, the practitioner can still offer shorter massages but, would need access to a separate area that has adequate space, tables, chairs and ventilation.


This half day workshop will cover both practical aspects of the massage and on line study/discussion relating to the environmental limitations and other administrative requirements.


​ Duration: 1 hour online study/discussion, 3 hours practical classroom work

Courses run in March and September. Details can be found on the AOSM Calendar

​If you have any questions about this course please email: or call Pauline on 07930 266427