Back Massage

Oncology/Cancer Massage


There is good evidence that people living with cancer, or in active treatment for cancer, benefit from massage. It can help you to relax your mind and body, relieve tension and enhance your mood.

Finding a therapist who has completed training to provide therapies can however be challenging. I realised that friends and family who had cancer, and wanted to gain the benefits of massage were finding it difficult to find a therapist so in February 2020 I completed the Amethyst Trust training .

The Amethyst Trust has developed an accredited and endorsed course, to ensure that therapists are trained and knowledgeable about providing treatments throughout a clients cancer treatment, and as a qualified general nurse, I feel well placed to deliver this safely and effectively.

It is advisable to keep your massage gentle whilst undergoing treatment.  I would always avoid deep tissue massage and pressure can be varied according to your needs. I would advise my full body massage which is an hour and a half and leaves you feeling relaxed and refreshed. It includes head, face hands and feet, but I am happy for you to book any length of massage that suits you.

As with any other massage I will need to take a full confidential medical history, and if you have indwelling lines or recent scar tissue I will avoid these. If you are receiving radiotherapy I will need to avoid this area. I have lots of experience at finding a position that can facilitate treatment and help you to get comfortable.

Therapist: Fiona Sands

Cost: 60 minutes - £50

         90 minutes - £70